Get Ready For Winter

Just like that, Autumn has come and gone and Winter weather upon us. At My Vet, we’ve decided to put together a quick list of tips for you and your pet! So incase you’re walking around Chicago, visiting us in Bucktown, or traveling for the Holidays, keep in mind these next few helpful tips.

  • Your skin gets try when you’re exposed to cold, dry weather and so does your pets! Make sure to keep a humidifier going in your home to help prevent your pet from getting itchy!
  • Invest in a few pairs of boots/booties for your dog’s paws. They’re available at almost all pet stores, and will help protect their paws from salt, ice, and other common winter chemicals used for sidewalks.
  • Bathe your pets less often during the cold winter months and avoid trimming their hair too short. This can remove important oils from their coats and make their skin more vulnerable to the cold.
Let us know if you have any more Winter related questions! Keep warm and have a nice holiday!